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E. Phillips Oppenheim 

E. Phillips Oppenheim was born in London, England on October 22nd, 1866. He left school at the age of seventeen to help at his father's leather business. However, a U.S. company bought the business, and Oppenheim was able to pursue his writing career. Writing novels, short stories, magazine articles, translations, and plays, Oppenheim's works total over 150. Calling himself the "prince of storytellers," he is considered one of the originators of the thriller genre. He wrote some of his novels using the pseudonym "Anthony Partridge." Oppenheim died in 1946.

"Lady Anselman stood in the centre of the lounge at the Ritz Hotel and with a delicately-poised forefinger counted her guests. There was the great French actress who had every charm but youth, chatting vivaciously with a tall, pale-faced man whose French seemed to be as perfect as his attitude was correct. The popular wife of a great actor was discussing her husband's latest play with a Cabinet Minister who had the air of a school-boy present at an illicit feast. A very beautiful young woman, tall and fair, with grey-blue eyes and a wealth of golden, almost yellow hair, was talking to a famous musician. A little further in the background, a young man in the uniform of a naval lieutenant was exchanging what seemed to be rather impressive chaff with a petite but exceedingly good-looking girl. Lady Anselman counted them twice, glanced at the clock and frowned." (from Kingdom of the Blind, 1917)

Works include: A Millionaire of Yesterday (1900), Mr. Wingrave, Millionaire (US Title: The Malefactor) (1906), The Illustrious Prince (1910), Havoc (1912), Peter Ruff (US Title: Peter Ruff and the Double Four) (1912), The Temptation of Tavernake (US Title: The Tempting of Tavernake) (1912), The Kingdom of the Blind (1917), Mr. Lessingham Goes Home (US Title: The Zeppelin's Passenger) (1919), The Great Impersonation (1920), and The Devil's Paw (1921).

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Texts by Oppenheim
The Illustrious Prince
The Kingdom of the Blind
A story of espionage during World War 1.
The Malefactor
A Millionaire of Yesterday
Two men, one old, one young, go on an African expedition. They agree that, should one of them die, the other will get everything.
The Vanished Messenger
Details of a train ride and the meeting of two strangers.
The Yellow Crayon
A detective story that sees Mr. Sabin, newly un-retired, solving the disappearance of his wife.

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